Advanced Dental Implantology To Give You A Better Smile

Traditional dental implants are painful and can cause more trouble if not done properly. In order to ensure that dental implants are accurate and correct computer guided dental implants are done. Since, the cost of this type of dental implant is high there are many patients who look for the dentists in abroad. This is because the cost of this cosmetic dentistry in abroad seems quite less to them as compared to the cost of treatment in their own country.

Latest technology to repair your smile

With the computer technology, it is easier for the dental surgeon to pinpoint the exact location of dental implant in your mouth.  In the computer guided dental implant surgery, first the 3D image of your denture or jaw is taken. It enables the surgeon to effectively plan your dental implant. Digital image of your mouth helps the surgeons to locate the nerves and other critical information about your jaw structure and denture so that dental implants can be performed precisely.

Gain the benefits from advancing technology

Computer guided dental implants are helpful in knowing the size of dental implant, the depth to which it can be fixed in your  jaw and the suitability of the dental  implants. It also helps the surgeon to know the drill position and whether your jaw will be able to support the implants or not. There are some softwares which assist in virtual planning of the dental implant before the surgery to know its effectiveness to improve your smile.  When the planning is done before, it makes the dental implant procedure fast and safe.