Common Teeth Problems You May Face

Healthy teeth and gums are essential for eating well and enjoying the food. That’s why you are highly recommended to take care of your teeth and maintain your oral health. For that, you need to eat a balanced diet and avoid various things that can affect your teeth health such as cold drinks, smoking, etc. Along with this, you also need to keep brushing your teeth regularly and daily.

Most importantly you also need to select the best tooth powder with good ingredients such as charcoal. Those who suffer from stained teeth can also use charcoal teeth whitening powder for retaining the shine of the teeth. There are various other oral problems that need your attention and proper oral care can help to prevent them.

Tooth decay – It is the most common problem faced by the majority of people. Daily a thin layer of dental plaque or bacteria gets deposited on your teeth if they are not cleaned properly. The bacteria produce an acid that can harm the enamel along with causing cavities. To prevent this, doctors suggest brushing and flossing the teeth after eating your meal. This prevents bacteria deposition and keeps you away from such oral issues.

Gum disease – Various gum diseases start due to plaque build-up under and along the gum line. This results in an infection that directly hurts the bone and gums that play an important role in holding your teeth. Mild gum disease can result in making your gums red, bleed, or tender. This is commonly known as gingivitis and can be treated by brushing the teeth regularly and properly.

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