Dental Implant Services As The Alternative For The Lost Teeth

Dental implants are the best option than denture for the missing teeth. Dentures are temporary solutions and you will have to take care of our denture to maintain the oral hygiene otherwise, it will result in the growth of oral bacteria that affects your oral health. There are many professional dentists in San Ramon who offer dental implant services. They make sure that you get the best treatment for replacing the lost teeth and prevent your gums from decay. The replaced tooth/teeth gets connected with your jaw just like your real teeth. This makes it really hard to identify whether you are having your real teeth or it is just the implant.

Retain the natural shape of your face

Your denture and jaw bones are responsible for giving shape to your face. If you are having broken or missing teeth then there are chances that shape of your face will also get changed. San Ramon dentist for dental implants ensures to fix the implants in the right way that it does not affect the shape of your face.

Maintain overall oral health

After losing teeth, spaces are left behind in your mouth. This can lead to more oral health issues which can worsen your overall health and leave you in pain. Dental implant is the only way to protect the healthy bones in your mouth around the spaces due to missing teeth. Implants should be done by the professional dentists only. If the implant is not set properly or it gets wrong, it will cause you a lot of pain and can even result in oral infection.

How Sugar Affects your Dental Health

Sugar affects many different parts of the body just like tobacco or alcohol. When it comes to oral health, sugar provides ideal breeding conditions for harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Consequentially, it is one of the biggest causes of tooth loss in children and adults.

There has been extensive research and also articles by practicing dentists that indicate the harmful effects of excessive sugar in your diet. These effects are seen not only in your mouth, but also other parts of your body. Actually, there is increasing research which establishes that your body is an interconnected system and thus the health of one part — oral health, for example — can directly impact other areas, such as the cardiovascular system.